One-day VIP course in Sofia on Face Fitness and vacuum massage for rejuvenation by the only licensed academy in Bulgaria.

We all start to age slowly as we turn 25. Some people are blessed with good genes, while others are not so blessed. You have probably noticed the following – a person does not take any care of his appearance before life, does not eat healthily, does not exercise, misses the night cream. Another does the exact opposite, but at the age of 40 they have a similar appearance, despite the lack of care in the first. Yes, in such cases we are talking about a gene. But the gene is not always enough. Even if we do not benefit from a good one, we can change this through natural methods – such as face fitness. Now you have the opportunity to join the VIP course of FaceFit Academy Bulgaria, which will be taught by our best certified coaches.

What do you get?
Shaped cheekbones
Expressive chin
Bright look Your skin wakes up and becomes more radiant, with a pinkish and peach color
There is no trace of a pale complexion
The eyebrows are raised and the eyes look larger and open
The bags under the eyes disappear
The nose becomes more chipped and pronounced
The lips become fluffier and pinker
The contour of the lips stands out. The edges of the lips are raised
The double chin disappears and the area around the neck rejuvenates
Nasolabial wrinkles soften
The skin on the neck becomes thicker and softer

Who is the course for: for every age and gender

Contact us and get your “ticket” for youth and a sculpted face without outside interference. The seats are limited.

For more information and price contact us at: +359896837985

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