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You can't stop aging, but you can stop looking older and you can stay young forever. Face fitness is a series of synergistic facial exercises that are successfully applied by hundreds of thousands of clients around the world. Through proper facial exercises, one can strengthen and develop facial muscles to achieve a more toned and younger looking face. This innovative method strengthens the facial muscles and takes years of your appearance. Just as a bodybuilder can use weight training to develop certain muscles in his body, so some facial features can be developed and emphasized by performing specific facial exercises. The positive effect is observed within a few days.


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Патент Facefitness

Patent Facefitness

Practicing Facial Fitness has significant benefits that our clients have experienced

Some of the specific changes you can expect are lifted eyebrows, reduced puffiness under the eyes, a more open and lively look, thicker and fluffier lips, clearer outlines, a toned and defined line of the chin, neck and jaw .

As many women know, our noses get bigger with age, which makes us look older. Face Fitness helps to make the nose shorter and more chip. In addition, your complexion changes color and becomes more vibrant and youthful. Face fitness also changes your self-esteem, confidence and opinion of your own worth.

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Nuri Dimitrova

Nuri Dimitrova was born in 1973. She dedicates herself to facial fitness, as a mentor in sculpting facial features. Being a supporter of natural beauty, she created the first licensed Face Fitness Academy in Bulgaria.
By education and profession Nuri Dimitrova is a gemologist and expert assessor of diamonds, psychologist and fashion designer. The attention to detail, the knowledge of the mental state and its influence on our appearance, as well as the talent for design are intertwined and direct it to the science of sculpting the face through exercises.
"Our face is an uncut diamond that with hard work and attention to detail we can turn into a perfect diamond. We can model our face in a completely natural way - using only our muscles. When our beauty is the result of our own resources and work, then it remains eternal. "


Yumi Redzheb

Yumi Redzheb was born in 1993.

Yumi is an editor-in-chief and journalist by profession. Her profession and meetings with different personalities over the years has show that the most valuable quality is individuality. "Face Fitness makes you younger, more beautiful and radiant, while maintaining the individuality of the face. The exercises emphasize our most beautiful features in a natural way.

Face Fitness renews, and its strongest point is that you look like yourself and not someone else, because you only improve what nature has given you. ”

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