Face taping is a solution for all ages and is an excellent helper in the fight against aging. It uses kinesiotherapy tapes, which are usually breathable, hypoallergenic and medical grade. This non-invasive option gives a mini facelift immediately, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines in a relaxed and aging face.

In the last few decades, the facelift bar has become very popular only among Hollywood celebrities. But now it has become a quick and easy correction at home for anyone who develops premature signs of aging.

Taping is easy to use, extremely cheap and gives immediate results. Those who do not want to inject chemicals into the skin and want to stay away from surgical procedures can try this risk-free solution at home to make their skin look firmer and younger. Ribbons are a perfect alternative to cosmetic lifting surgery. In addition, you can make your face look firmer and smoother without risking experiencing potential side effects that you do not want.

Although applying face tape at first seems a bit complicated, it’s actually quite simple. However, you must train with a certified instructor, as we have at FaceFit Academy.

If you want us to teach you how to glue the strips according to the shape of your face and the results you are striving for, do not hesitate to contact us. FaceFit Academy is certified academy that can teach you how to practice face taping safely and effectively.

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