Is face fitness effective? In short, yes – but you have to give yourself to the real regime and make it a way of life. Facial aging is due in part to muscle loss. Exercise can strengthen these muscles, making the whole face look firmer and younger.

Scientists have observed people exercising their faces every day for two months and then every other day for three months. The result – increased fullness in the cheeks, which makes them look almost three years younger.

Face fitness is really a great natural solution for regaining your youthful appearance and a great alternative to Botox and plastic surgery. However, there are some subtleties that should not be overlooked. As with body training, you should start by warming up your facial muscles.

Start your workout by imitating blowing through a straw. Greater vibration is better for relaxing the facial muscles. The oral muscles are the main muscle for the face. By relaxing them, other muscles relax as well. Do this for 1 to 2 minutes until you feel warm and move on to the real part of the practice.

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