Did you know that the posture in which we sleep is much more important than you think. You may have heard that the side of the face we are lying on is more deformed or swollen, and you may notice a similar trend in your face. However, there are much more important things to watch out for if we want to rejuvenate in the wee hours of the night.

“Beauty sleep” – so called afternoon nap. We can have one at night. It is a mandatory rule to sleep on your back. Thus the blood circulation is strengthened and correct. It reaches the face, and this in turn leads to increased collagen formation, which decreases with age. Of course, at first it can be quite difficult to sleep on your back, especially if you are used to doing it on one side all your life. Therefore, it is good to ask your partner to monitor the position of your body when it wakes up, as well as to position you in the correct position until you get used to it.

However, it is not only the posture that is important. You will also need pillows. A total of 5, as amazing as it sounds. Two under the head, two under the arms and one under the feet. These under the arms are not mandatory, especially if you do not have much space in bed. However, it is important that your head is higher as well as your legs. Gravity helps the face stay firm and rejuvenated.

Try to sleep like this for 30 days and note the result. For a completely perfect rejuvenation program, it is good to add one of our techniques, which you will find in the TRAINING section.

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