Retinol, more commonly known as vitamin A, is one of the most effective skin rejuvenating and transforming ingredients. Despite the many clinical studies that show the benefits of its use, many people are still not aware of the proper use of retinol products. We hope that we will be able to explain why this ingredient is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the world of anti-aging cosmetics.

Why is retinol good for the skin?

This is a cosmetic ingredient that is often present in anti-aging products. Or simply put in products that fight skin aging. Due to the fact that retinol is a faithful protector of the skin from the raids of time. It is a multifunctional ingredient with more than one application:
• reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• reduces already visible fine lines and wrinkles & nbsp;
• minimizes enlarged pores
• improves uneven complexion and pigmentation
• renews the feeling of tight skin
• reveals the radiance of the skin
• Fights acne attacks

The signs of aging increase with age because the collagen in the skin decreases. It becomes relaxed, loses elasticity and the first wrinkles appear. When the skin is treated with retinol, it manages to affect cellular communication and “trick” the cells to produce more collagen. It is from this action that all the beneficial effects observed with the use of retinol products derive.

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