Crow’s feet are wrinkles etched in the corner of the eye. Unlike wrinkles or expression lines on other areas of the face, crow’s feet can appear to look deeper or more pronounced on the skin .

What do you need?

Vegetable oil to which you are not allergic (eg coconut oil) or face cream. Apply the desired product before massage. If the oil is too greasy, you can dip the spoon in it. For your information: the cream method is better.
Use hot and cold water. You can also add herbal spices. Changing hot and cold spoons provides better blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings.
Disinfect spoons and store separately.
Clean the skin before massage.
Apply enough oil or cream for better grip (avoid the area around the eyes).
Do not apply too much pressure to avoid bruising and injury to the blood vessels.
Remember that the best time for a massage is in the morning.
Monitor the temperature: warm spoons should not burn the skin.


How to perform the technique?

Place the protruding parts of the cold spoons on the outer corners of the eyes. Move to the temples in a circular motion, increasing the pressure. Replace cold spoons with warm ones. Repeat the procedure. Massage 5 times, changing spoons.

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