Gentle is the key word for the facial massage

There are two layers of skin – the dermis and the epidermis. There is another layer under them, called the subcutaneous layer. All of these layers together are essentially the thickness of facial writing paper. This subcutaneous layer also contains fat. Therefore, it is often called the subcutaneous fat layer. If you press and roll this layer, you can actually destroy it, causing damage. You should not touch it roughly. Instead, you can gently treat the face through massage and exercise, keeping in mind that “gentle” is the key word here and through it the miracle happens.

The structure of the face can be changed through exercise and massage

The face has a unique facial structure compared to the rest of the body. Facial aging is associated with some “strange properties” of facial tissues: the skin itself and cartilage. Both tissues continue to grow with age. This is a very slow process, but leads to subtle changes in the geometry of the face and most noticeably in the ears and nose. The cartilage of the nose and ears grows throughout life.

On top of that, the face reflects a person’s life. This is something like “body memory”. Both euphoria and depression can be seen in people’s faces. Constant anxiety is another common expression.

Proper facial massage gives you the expression you want

Therefore, massage techniques not only help to restore facial expressions to their most natural response, but also help to restore the integrity of the complex facial structure so that it is more elastic, firmer, smoother and more vibrant in the face of the one using the massage techniques.

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